Village Idiot

Never our muse and mostly our distraction, the Village Idiot is both the office comic relief and thorn in our side. She is a sassy, grumpy, funny, cuddlebug that has fallen into more than one trashcan. Enjoy . . . .

“WHY WON’T THEY JUST BUY A RECLINER?” yells the Village Idiot.

The Village Idiot started partying at noon.


A Tool in Tulle

Damn Paparazzi…

“I LIKE MIXING CANVAS WITH VELVET!” screams the Village Idiot.

Shark Week.

“YOU ARE THE COBBLER WITH NO SHOES!” cries the Village Idiot.


Angry Ears.

Real fish. Goldfish. Whatevs.

Doing a “victory rug roll” seconds after murdering Blue Wild Thing. Callously leaving the carcass face down by the hearth.

That thing when your back fat puffs through a hole in a basket and your tongue gets stuck in your own hair…

Frustratedly, she had to relocate every few minutes. Because, you know, we orbit the sun.

After walking across the keyboard and screwing up my work, The Village Idiot is banished to pout by the trashcan where she gives me ‘The Finger’ the only way she knows how….