White Knight

When trying to create a room with ultra feminine style, the first way most people try to pull it off is by using an insane amount of pink. Like we’ve said before, we hate doing the expected! Straying away from pink, we wanted to create a room that’s gorgeous and feminine but not over the top.

For this Big Reveal, we bring you the White Knight Bedroom! Using a simple white palette, this space was designed for the girl looking for her “White Knight” or Mr. Right. An elegant hybrid of modern and traditional lines, this room exudes a beautiful, effeminate aesthetic that’s perfect for the girly girl but won’t scare Mr. Right away!

Press play on the audio guide at the top of the post to hear Anne reveal all of the secrets behind this room!

Our biggest wish is that you get to experience the thrill of designing gorgeous rooms without the worry of design missteps. We all want a pretty house that reflects who we are and how we love to live – now it’s so easy. The floor plan in your house will likely be different from the one pictured here. That’s not a problem! You can reconfigure everything from White Knight in your own space. Our Design Guide and Buying Guide outline how to easily recreate this room in your own home.

Now go, embrace your feminine style and find your White Knight!

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