Sneak Peek at The Dream Closet

A dream fulfilled!

We see them all the time: phenomenal dream closets that make us weak in the knees. One after the next, they’re splashed across the glowing screens and pages of magazines with each outdoing the previous walk-in wonder! We love to look at them because for so many of us, they seem like a total fantasy . . . but I always think, “Why not up the ante on the fantasy?!”

What if we could have a glimpse into every drawer and cabinet of a total fashionista’s dream closet?! What if we could snoop at every bag, every shoe, every bathing suit, every bottle of perfume?! ENTER RACHEL YONAN – the mastermind behind Touting My Wears!

We are so pleased to be collaborating with Rachel for a bonkers cool walk-in dream closet for summer! We designed this closet closely with Yonan, carefully placing every drawer, shelf, bar, and appliance (yes, appliances!). The best part: she has stocked the closet with all of her top picks for these lovely hot months!! From “thread to bobble”, everything that she loves and wants you to see for the season is hanging and folded with links to stores so you can buy it all!

We’ll see you back here on Monday when we all have our mind’s blown!

Happy Shopping!




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