Vessel Sinks

I’m probably going to be tarred and feathered for admitting this, but I really don’t like vessel sinks. There I said it.

They are all the rage and I can’t understand how they ever became a trend? Instead, try one of these little gems pictured above.

Even the most high-end vessel sinks look clunky to me. To use a descriptor my six-year-old loves to abuse, I think they are “awkward” . . . but more than that, they are hard to use. Water splashes out of them, making a mess all over the counter, and they require specific (and inconvenient) faucets.

See below. ((I gag.))

What’s worse, after a while, sinks like this start to get crud around the edges where they attach to the countertop.

I prefer a clean line of uninterrupted countertops instead of a vessel popping out of it, and I like to wash my hands and face in a sink that sits well below the faucet.

Call me high maintenance  – it won’t be the first time. *wink!*

I know, I know–someone will probably send me an image of a vessel sink that makes a passing grade, but in general, I’m sticking with my opinion: these sinks stink.

Instead, go with an undermount sink–they’re classic and can offer high-end style without the counter splash.

Check out the Buying Guide for a selection of undermount sinks that I just adore in a variety of price points.

Ranging from the sleek and simple to the embellished and ornate, an undermount sink can either serve a soft accent or a focal point for a space. Complement a neutral room’s aesthetic with an eye-catching pattern that really pops, or mellow a bathroom’s textured surfaces with a minimalist sink that plays supporting role. Whether you love a classic look or a modern vibe, an undermount sink is always timeless.

Install one of these little lovelies and tell me you’re not smitten!

Happy Shopping!