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Our Favorite Art Prints That Look Expensive

If you have blank walls but can’t afford original art, buy prints! They’re iconic, well-priced pops of color that round out a room for a fraction of what the originals cost. And if framed well, they are look phenomenal. This is a trick that designers always us when clients needs to stretch a dime.

Featured Designer on Hanover Avenue, Heloise McKee, knows this trick. She’s founder of Mintwood Home, and her living room perfectly illustrates the benefits of mixing prints with original artwork. The amazing thing about this trick is the prints become “elevated” and can appear “more important” when mixed with prints. It’s a wonderful money stretching tip, and we totally dig Heloise’s wall of art!

Do you all remember when Hanover Avenue interviewed, Ashley Darryl and all of our minds were blown?! This was her apartment as her design star was beginning to rise, so she knew how to get big impact for minimal cost with prints! Watch her fun video in the story to get the debts behind these bright, geographic scores. Deft eye, Ashley!

We can’t forget Hanover Avenue’s fun interview with Audrey Margarite, of Bunny Williams Home! We love this because she mixes sculptural pieces with inexpensive and more important works. This gives the wall textural variety….

Affordable and colorful, try these hung alone or mixed with your own photographs and/or original paintings or collages. You can’t go wrong – Happy Shopping!




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