Umbrella Stands

No one knows the truth anymore. All I know is my grandfather, Granddanny, had a wicked collection of umbrellas (one with a hidden gun!) and they all lived in a brass urn by the door.

I always laugh at the thought of Granddanny having anything with a hidden gun in it. It just seems so criminal for a refined Virginia Gentleman! But legends are legends, and this one still lives on long after Granddanny left us all here missing him.

So in honor of my wonderful grandfather, I decided to write an article with Bernard Matthew Hulcher in mind. After all, Anne Tollett Home would not be possible were it not for the little nest egg he left for me to start this website dream of mine!

Below is a collection of my favorite umbrella stands in a variety of styles and price points that will add stylish function to any front entry or mudroom.

Each of these umbrella stands complements a space with an unexpected touch of personality and whimsy. Faux basket-inspired textures, color paintings, kicky boots, adorable owl and other striking details transform what might seem like a basic accessory into a conversation piece. Whether you lean toward a preppy, classic, global or modern, I’ve chosen the best of the bunch from every style. I love it when function meets design and these do just that!

If you have an umbrella with a hidden gun in it, definitely store it in one of these…. And Granddanny, if you want to convince the world that ghosts are real, make it rain today! That would be so funny.

Happy Shopping!




P.S. To have your mind blown by umbrellas, watch this until the bitter end. It’s bonkers!