Tips for Designing an Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Everything we chose for the Lowe’s Kitchen from finishes to fixtures, appliances to grout, tile to hardware was so carefully considered. Learn all of the coveted design secrets plus behind-the-scenes-tips that went into creating this open floor plan kitchen. Follow the pink stars!

1. Hidden Appliances – Anytime you can hide appliances, it increases the value of your kitchen. Believe it or not, appliances follow trends which can date a kitchen quickly. These hidden appliances are sometimes called “integrated” or “panel ready”, and they are especially great in a floor plan where the kitchen opens up into a main living space. We used an integrated refrigerator, dishwashers, and range hood, which improves sight lines into the kitchen because they are hidden from view. *Design Magic!*

2. Where to be trendy – Hardware and lighting are great places to follow the latest trends because they can easily be switched out as tastes change. Right now brass and using lanterns in kitchens are popular, so we chose those for the space, but they can be swapped for something else whenever the mood strikes. Always try to make timeless choices on the fixed and big ticket items! Here is a little bonus blurb about using brass!

3. Countertop Colors – When designing a kitchen with an open floor plan, pick neutral finishes that will blend with the rest of the adjoining rooms. This frees you up to change the vibe or color scheme of other rooms without being locked into the palette of your kitchen. We love using darker counters to blend with the top of the range (creating the illusion of a continuous countertop), and we like introducing a lighter countertop on the island to give the room levity.

4. Tile to the Ceiling – Whenever possible, I like to run tile to the ceiling. It lends a luxe and custom feeling while also creating visual interest. It also solves the problem of “where to end the tile”. Like the counters, pick a neutral tile that will stand the test of time. Don’t, for example, use turquoise glass mosaic tile up to the ceiling. **If someone finds a picture of that and mails it in, we should probably give you a prize!

Every item – from paint to flowers – is in the Buying Guide! And floor plans and elevations to provide inspiration and ideas are in the Design Guide. Best: Lowe’s Home Improvement has space planning experts in the kitchen department who can make these ideas work within your existing floor plan. Just bring them your kitchen dimensions, and they make it all fit! A renovation has never been so easy. Have a blast becoming your own designer!



Buying Guide

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