Sterling Frames

Sterling frames don’t have to be the annoying things found in the flat boxes of graduation presents!

Stylish and elegant additions to any room, silver frames often cost way less than they look. What’s better than something pretty that highlights a photograph of those you love or an amazing shot you took while traveling?

The added bonus of sterling: because silver is so “neutral”, both color and black-and-white photographs look fabulous within the frame, and they blend with any other frames or accessories around them!

A hint of sterling is one of my go-to design tips.

It doesn’t matter if the room is very modern or quite traditional – sterling frames add subtle sparkle and refinement to every space, so it’s no surprise that I’ve used them in several Big Reveals. Check them out here, here, and here.

Below are a few of our favorites in varying styles and price points. From very lean to a bit more ornate, we think you will like any of these wrapped around the faces of the ones you love most! Just a hint of sterling can give a traditional silhouette modern style or accentuate the angles of a simple, geometric frame. You can use any of these frames in all rooms no matter the current design of the space.

Happy Shopping!





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