Radiator Covers

Installing radiator covers is one of the easiest and relatively inexpensive updates you can make to your house. It instantly polishes a room, but even better, it gives you a useful and handsome surface.

In this tiny guest bathroom, we covered an ugly radiator, and *presto*– now there’s room for a make-up bag or toiletry kit! We used White Glassos (a luminous glass surface) and “Decorator’s White” paint by Benjamin Moore.

Whenever possible, we like to find remnant slabs for the tops of radiator covers. These are easy to source at stone yards and cost pennies on the dollar. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

If the radiator cover is white, choose a lighter stone, and if the radiator cover is stained wood or a darker paint, pick a richer stone.

This is a time you should really go for the exotic and unexpected stones because most remnants all cost the same price per square foot. It’s a chance to buy something that otherwise would be quite expensive!

A little tip: when a slab has loads of veining, chose the cuts wisely. Cutting through the veining gives the front facing surface edge dynamic movement. I love that visual interest!

I used to watch this show with my Dad every weekend as a little girl, so who better to guide you on how to build these yourself than This Old House?!

From modern to traditional, radiator covers add function and beauty to a room. For endless inspiration check out the images here!

Happy Shopping!