Mole’s Breath

I used to feel smug and superior around “nerds” who read the encyclopedia for fun. Then I realized I read paint fan decks for fun…. Who’s the nerd now?!

If you want to know true, cheek-stinging embarrassment, accidentally chortle while reading a fan deck on an airplane. No one thinks that’s normal.

I just can’t help myself. Fan decks are endless eye candy and some of the names are so funny!

Today’s paint pick comes from the masters at Farrow and Ball: “Mole’s Breath” no. 276. I know you’ll love the color as much as we do. It’s a yummy, moody, versatile grey that works in any application.

Mole’s Breath’s neutral yet impressionable palette makes it the ultimate blank canvas. Keep it monochromatic for a timeless, modern aesthetic or add contrasting pops of color to create interesting tension in a space. This is the kind of color you’d find on the walls of iconic museums around the world–it makes whatever is hung on it or put near it seem more important. Slap up a coat and watch the hue elevate everything you own!

The big payoff: for years to come, when guests beg to know the color of your stunning walls, you’ll get to reply “Mole’s Breath” while holding back a giggle.

Happy Shopping!




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