Modern Nursery Design Inspired by Ashley Freeman

A unisex nursery as fabulous as Ashley Freeman‘s turned us all into mush as we imagined “dream babies” (you know, the kind that never cry or poop)…. Our whole team (even the dudes!) started creating nurseries in our mind’s eye and imagining perfect days and nights spent with cooing tots! One guy on our team actually said, “Ashley’s nursery is so cute, my ovaries hurt!” Soooo, we simply HAD to put all of this creative energy to good use!

Behold! More chic pieces inspired by Ashley Freeman’s Modern Nursery!

Clean lined furniture is key in any modern nursery – no ruffles here!


Ashley chose pillows and prints with big blocks of color, keeping her palette to a minimal few bold hues. Smart! We love how Ashley paired wood pieces with whites and greys along with pops of turquoise, lime green, and tomato red.

The ever talented Ashley chose pieces that paired blonde wood with whites and grays! And we wanted to show you the same effect with darker stained wood. Different look but same smart effect!


And who can resist baby accessories?! Melt. Best, these are unisex as well!

So there you have it! Thank you again, Ashley, for inspiring our whole team and for being the smart, fun, and creative designer you are! Everyone sprint to her YouTube Channel and her Instagram feed because this girl has got Rising Star in her future!




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