We began with a Georgian house stuck in a different era. Designed by one of the South’s most influential architects, this gut renovation is situated on a historic urban avenue. Our client’s love of modern lines and architecture challenged us to find new ways to honor the bones of this beautiful building while breathing contemporary life into its walls. There is not one surface we did not touch, not one color or texture we did not dream over, and many of the spaces were reconfigured and repurposed for modern living.

We truly fell in love with this house from the inside out, but respecting the privacy of the homeowners, we can only share with you renderings of the transformation and conceptual ideas of art and furnishings.


Faux Zebra Hide Throw
Wall Swing Lamp
African Drum Side Table
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Metal Drum Side Table
8" Marble + Copper Bowl
Tribal Mask Wall Art
Glass Coffee Table
Floral Art
Geometric Vase
Mint Wallpaper
Black Cane Chair