It’s so hard to gauge the color of paint from images on the web, so take it from your good designer friend, Anne, “This color is phenomenal!”

“Mizzle” may sound like the character from a children’s book but the hue is anything but juvenile.

Both a color and a neutral all at once, Mizzle is versatile and evolves with the time of day and light. It’s a most sophisticated blueish, greenish, grayish blend that strikes the perfect balance between warm and cool notes.

Simply put: you can use this color anywhere. It will look amazing on every wall in your house – from softening nurseries to commanding living rooms with high ceilings, this color fits the bill.

I know you’ll love Farrow & Ball’s “Mizzle” no. 266 as much as we do, so grab a gallon and go to town!

In other news: We have our very first winner! $25 to Sherwin Williams! A reader from Austin, Texas hilariously wrote,

“Sherwin Williams ‘Utterly Beige’ (6080).

Sherwin Williams ‘Couldn’t Be F#cking Beiger’ (6081).”

SO FUNNY. And then after I had a laugh, I read on, and she reminded me of a fab color with a funny name: Sherwin William’s “Netsuke” (SW 6134). I used this in my very first house as a newlywed!


It seems like serendipity tonight remembering a hue so similar to a color I featured in this article! And it was sweet memory lane digging up this photograph and seeing that teeny weeny dining table again…. Thank you, dear reader!

Do you know an amazing shade of paint with a crazy name? Send it to info@annetollett.com. Our team will take a vote on the winner, feature you on Anne Tollett Home, and send you a $25 gift certificate to the paint company who makes the color.

Happy Shopping!