A Chic Blue Butler’s Pantry


Um…. #ThisIsTheButler’sPantryThatDreamsAreMadeOf! And it is hidden behind a door that looks like a refrigerator which makes all of my “Clue Board Game Dreams” come true…. P.S. The color blue of the cabinets and shelving in the Butler’s Pantry is epic! For a similar blue shade, click here and scroll down for the custom color formula on the top of the can.

But the best part is the way Jessica Bennett, mastermind behind Alice Lane, styles this space for Emily Jackson. All of Jess’s insider design tips are revealed in this fun video and we show you where to buy everything – even if you only have a bar cart, these items could make 5pm hour at your house cocktailtastic!

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Woohoo! Yay, discounts! Get 15% off with code  hanover15

A huge thank you to Alice Lane for sharing your brains with all of us and to Emily Jackson for opening up your phenomenal house to all of our readers! We are smitten with this space and supah dupah fans of how both of you make design so accessible and fun to follow!

#FlawlessDesignForAll & remember, pinning is winning!