Runners for Spring

I don’t know why, but hall runners remind me of summer houses and floppy weekend retreats. I just love the look of them laid in a row down rambling halls. They feel so casual, and give narrow spaces a crisp hit of color and texture in the most relaxed way.

I’ve chosen a selection that feels fresh and perfect for the warm weather ahead. Tip: Always buy a hall runner that is no shorter than 8′, otherwise it will feel too slight – like pants that are too short (never a good look!)

Outdoor/indoor jute rugs make ideal runners because they can endure endless foot traffic while still looking fabulous. Cotton, a perfect textile, can also literally be washed clean. And don’t be afraid of color! Even if your hall has printed wallpaper or colorful stripes, a vibrant runner with bold hues can artfully add to the space to create a “story of pattern” rather than becoming a clashing accent.

I can already picture my bare feet walking on top of these as I grab a book and head for a nap with the windows open. (Did I just hallucinate for a second? With kids and modern day work schedules, in what world does this really happen for anyone? Ha!) I’m just going to buy a runner and call it Spring Break 1997….

Happy Shopping!