Gray Hairs

No one told me that gray hair is wild and wiry and unruly. And if they did tell me, my then-twenty-something brain rightly chose to delete the information. I don’t know how I’m already getting gray hair?! Actually my “gray hair” is snow white, which seems far worse….

The funny thing about entering my late thirties is that I feel like I’m still 26 – yet I’m stuck with a Brutus mane that’s beginning to betray me. I know I can just dye it. But that only half works because my old-lady-hairs have a wacko texture: the white ones go rogue and shoot off my scalp like firecrackers. In 10 years I may look like Einstein.

Here are a few things that I recently found on a buying trip to Dallas that remind me of the crazy new addition to my mane. I think this stuff looks fab!

I love fur because it instantly adds a textural punch to a space. Check out a few projects where we have used white fur to mix up the accessories.

A weirdly unexpected and sculptural textile, white fur makes a bold contrast to cool metal and classic wood pieces, while still maintaining a sensible color palette.

Use white fur to update a traditional space or to simply amp up textures–with such a luxe accent, the possibilities are endless!


Happy Shopping!