Flower Prints Wanted: Dead & Alive

Floral photographer extraordinaire, Ashley Woodson Bailey, joined us this week to take a look at her gorgeous living room, using her very own wallpaper line. Since Ashley photographs a flower from first bloom until death, we spoke about pairing her flowers in life and in death either above a pair of twin beds, or on either side of a mantel. If you have not yet seen our interview with Ashley, click here to check it out! Her work parallels the likes of Georgia O’Keefe, and the rise and fall of a flower create powerful imagery that would look absolutely gorgeous side by side.

We are in love with the dying flowers just as much as those in bloom, and think you should be, too! Ashley is very open to custom sizes, just in case your space is particular!

We have paired some of our favorite Ashley Woodson Bailey photographs for you! Which are your favorites?

Though it’s bold and chic, maybe you are not quite ready to cover an entire wall in Ashley’s beautiful wallpaper, like she did in her own living room. Instead, pairing two juxtaposing prints, like we’ve done here, adds a pop to a big blank wall that you may need. Just imaging hanging a pair of prints, one dead and one alive, over a pair of twin beds, on either side of a mantel, or side by side above a sofa would be flawless. Ashley creates her work in a variety of sizes and on a variety of materials. If you’d like to check out how Ashley has hung her gorgeous work for clients, check out her ‘In Situ’ page here!

Don’t forget – Ashley often donates part of her sales to a charity as well!





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