Our Favorite Traditional Range Hoods

Sometimes traditional range hoods can look like they were meant for Versailles – and not in a good way! Often overly ornate, faux finished, or “antiqued” (a new made-up word du jour that drives me nuts), they come across as tacky imposters. So it was a breath of fresh air when we saw the range hood that Emily Jackson has in her kitchen, and it reminded us of a few other winning hoods that we love to use.

We’ve chosen a variety of materials from wood to aluminum, copper, even a few hoods that can be custom colors! The key is that they nod to the past without trying too hard to be something they are not. Never kitschy, these selections will elevate your kitchen while remaining timeless.

. . . And despite so many debates on the subject, we stand firm that it’s ok to mix metals here! If you chose a dark cooper hood, you can absolutely use brass hardware or chrome fixtures. The key is making sure the hood is big enough for the stove (each vendor’s specification sheets will outline these important sizes). The other benefit of hoods like these is they can often be hung quite a bit higher than smaller models or microwave/hood combos, and this makes cooking easier while making the room look bigger.

Range Hoods are massive design elements in a kitchen (pun intended!), so they’re always a ticket worth budgeting for…. We’d love to see some of the hoods you love too, so leave us a comment below if you want to weigh in on the fun!




Photography by Lindsay Salazar