I. Love. This. Color! It’s the most wonderful green–a perfect combination of mint, leaf, and turquoise. Best of all, this hue is just slightly muted so it’s not too garish yet always feels vibrant. (How did they do that?!) I often paint bathrooms and bedrooms this color because it’s somehow dynamic by day and tranquil by night. (Again, how is that possible?)

We wanted to make color work in a unique way for this bedroom, so we performed a great little trick. Snapping a line just slightly higher than the midpoint of the wall, we painted everything below it this lovely green–even the window trim and baseboards! It gives the room a cool crispness and two-tone look that I think is so fun.

So what is this fabulous color, you ask? Farrow & Ball “Arsenic” No. 214. It’s not going to kill you; instead, it’s going to make your life heavenly! Go buy a gallon and transform a wall or two.

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Happy Shopping!