Fake Plants

Here’s the thing: I can’t stand fake plants.

As a rule, I’m vehemently against all plants not found in nature, but sometimes, when gone about the right way, rules are meant to be broken. I confess: I sometimes use fake flowers.

It’s hard to admit, but in the dead of winter, they really are kind of dreamy….

Let me show you the only way I think fake plants can look pretty.

Some of the best fake plants are rubber succulents. Easy to match in texture, they work because succulents naturally look rubbery.

I love pairing them with other plants or mixing them in as filler. Can you tell which of these is the fake? It’s the orchid, and it looks more lifelike next to the sterling bud vase of real flowers.

When choosing fake flowers, go with a variety that doesn’t have petals – or only has petals that are “waxy” or “wispy.” Generally, the materials used to make petals never look real.

Tip: Mixing fake plants with real plants increases their lifelike quality.

Below I mixed fake succulents with real flowers and greenery to make them seem just as alive.

These alliums look so phenom, and when mixed with simple white snaps and a bag of stock greenery from the grocery store, the arrangement is beautiful. Bonus: I love the look of alliums in life but can’t stand their oniony aroma. Fake ones are sculptural and look cool and funky without the stink!

A wonderful company in Florida called The Stalk Market sells the most amazing fake orchids I’ve ever found. They’re a little expensive but they can fool almost anyone! Here are a few from their website that I’ve used in clients houses.

Porcelain flowers are like buying a piece of art. They’re quite expensive but worth every penny. Invest in these like the sculptures they are.

Claire Potter makes the most beautiful porcelain flowers I have ever seen.

She is a masterful artist and the loving, friendly and fun mother of one of my dear friends. Her work is breathtaking and will become a beloved heirloom in your family!

And finally, some of my favorite fake flowers are paper or beaded. They’re meant to be whimsical so use them exactly that way.

My grandmother made these and I treasure them.

You can find similar ones online or in antique stores all over the country.

These darling paper flowers are inexpensive and perfect for a little girl’s room or birthday centerpiece.

The snob in me still can’t believe I use fake plants, but the designer in me tells that snob to get over herself. Fake flowers really can be stunning and, when used right, can fool anyone that admires them. Now, go enjoy a few plants that will never die! Here is where you can find them all….

Happy Shopping!