Fairy Notes

“Will you give me instructions of how to fly? Please, I will not fly in the house (my kid is scared of me!). And will you give me extra pixie dust? Do not leave the tooth.”

My eldest daughter wrote this note to the tooth fairy, and I still laugh when I read it. There is so much that’s funny about this little letter, but what I love the most is her deep belief in magic. What a fun age!

So in honor of magic, tooth fairy notes, pixie dust and little girls everywhere, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite sparkly things to make her bedroom special. Best of all, these will grow with your little girl and look just as lovely when she is a young lady!


We have found that it’s easy to spoil our sweet little girls! So when it comes to designing their rooms, we like to layer in a few expensive pieces that we know she will love for years to come. When picking furniture to invest in, look for pieces that you can imagine growing with her and then potentially using in a guest bedroom or letting her take for her first apartment. Here are our favorite splurge items:

splurge montage for fairy notes


But if you want to get a look that reads like a ‘splurge’ room but on a budget, look for pieces that have interesting shapes and special finishes.  We especially love these things below:

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We love how all of these pieces combine timeless elegance with playful, feminine whimsy! Scalloped sheets, curvy headboards and fantastical side tables add a striking contrast to traditional silhouettes without feeling too over the top. If you need an extra oomph for your little lady, lighthearted, textured throw pillows can do wonders for adding a sense of enchantment–we even found the most adorable pillow to hold the tooth! And nothing is more fairytale than a chandelier from the ball–this crystal table lamp and floral light fixture feel magical in a space as they bounce around light.

Happy Shopping!