Dots and Texture

I feel bad about my skin.

Every summer at camp, we would have “tan offs” – yes, we idiotically called them that! Girls from all over the country would bronze themselves to a leathery crisp in an attempt to “out tan” the next. Hint: if you are blonde and milky white by nature, you will NEVER be as tan as your friend with Italian ancestry from Long Island (nor should you try to be!).

Lori, the director of Camp Merrie-Woode (one of the greatest places on Earth), would see us roasting on the docks and worriedly say, “Girls, you’re really going to regret this at 40.” But every teenage girl thinks that she will be a pretty young thing forever. I actually remember thinking, “Who cares what I look like at 40?! By 36, a woman is a corpse!”

Well, now I’m 38, and my skin might as well be on a corpse. Oh, the sun damage! Brown blotches are appearing everywhere and I have freckles galore – and not the cute freckles of youth – the gnarly freckles of time! So in an effort to make myself feel better about my spots, we’ve found a fabulous selection of things with dot patterns for any room in your house! Put me next to one of these things, and I’d blend right in!

Here is a selection of things with dots for any room of the house – from nursery to formal living rooms, we’ve picked the best of the bunch to mix in with what you already own. Dot patterns can be dressed up or dressed down so use them freely. Whimsical dots mixed with animal motifs make adorable additions to playrooms and family rooms, while metallic embellished pillows and perforated hurricanes can add that final touch to complete a living room. No matter what way you want to embrace them, dots will always be in style (unlike my splotchy tanning fallout!).

Happy Shopping!