Designing a White Bedroom in 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes it’s just easier to get things in bite sized pieces! So here is the distilled version of the White Knight Bedroom in Four Foolproof Steps.

1. Introduce wood & metal to give the room warmth and life. By bringing these elements into the space, the room looks like it evolved over time. And by introducing wood and metal to a white scheme, it varies the textures and palette without adding color. This creates visual interest and “heart” in a space that otherwise could go “sterile” quickly.

2. Use a neutral & white wallpaper to create an accent wall behind the bed. This is also a place where you could introduce metallics like we did in this room. Graphic or floral, striped or paisley, the pattern can be whatever you love, just limit the palette to white and a lighter neutrals.

3. Choose pieces with similar profiles or themes in varying shades of white. This little trick creates visual continuity in the space without looking like you bought “the set” – and buying “the set” is a major design goof! You want the room to look like it came together effortlessly over many years rather than over one weekend. 

4. Combine different textiles in a varying shades of whites, creams, grays, and neutrals. Mix it up, Mix It Up, MIX IT UP!!! Be unafraid and have a blast while you do it because it’s almost impossible to screw this up! Leather and fur, silk and burlap, velvet and canvas – they all look fabulous together when they are all drawn from a white and neutral palette! 

If you want to devour every detail, guarded secret, and “insider tip” behind the White Knight Bedroom, get lost here! Every item – from paint to flowers – is in the Buying Guide! Play around with all of the pieces using the cutouts from the Design Guide, and become your own designer!




Buying Guide