Using Wood Well

In this room, wood is king, and we highlight it in all its glory every way possible! Raw, charred, polished, stained, encapsulated, repurposed, as a medium – you name it, you can see how we executed decorating with wood here. And in doing this, we created a peppered dialogue and visual continuity that unite the space and draw the eye away from the gigantic black hole that televisions create in a room.

To anchor the room, we paired two wooden consoles. Though they are very different – one stained and one gloss lacquer – the pairing works because of their similar sizes and similar medium – wood!

Tip: When pairing pieces like this, in addition to making sure the scale of both is similar, make sure you are mixing pieces from design eras that are separated by at least a decade or two. For example, Danish Modern chairs look fabulous with a Federal table!

To create visual continuity throughout the room, we mirrored mediums and textures–now, despite how disparate this collection of furniture and accessories seems to be, it works. It works because wood is the common theme among them!

The plywood used as the “canvas” in the art above the sofa makes an appearance in the stacked discs of the round table, while touches of black can also be found in both. We’re not done with the black yet–check it out again in the woven straps of the Danish modern side chairs, the deep stain of the console, the inky black of the matte stain of the end tables, and the charred burn of the logs!

Since we loved the sleek wood and lucite vibe of the console under the art, we were thrilled when we found the charred logs sunken in lucite! This allowed us to marry a rough wooden log to a slick and polished console effortlessly. And to mix up the wooden textures even more, the wall sconces offer a reclaimed look that we mirrored in the carved horse. Even the stand of the globe is wood . . . .

See? You can achieve pulling off wood in unconventional ways by tying it all together with just a little visual magic!

Happy Shopping!