Custom Millwork

Wood paneling makes any room look polished. I adore it when it runs floor to ceiling, and wainscoting is just as lovely.

But wood paneling “from scratch” takes time and costs a pretty penny. Yeah, it’s worth every nickel, but what can you do if you don’t want to spend that kind of money?

These wallpaper trompe l’oeil imposters are phenomenal. They are an artistic twist on a timeless millwork tradition and will create a statement in any room.

Wallpapers with geometric paneling can add symmetry and depth to an otherwise “textureless” room. Go for simple and classic designs to add subtle complement to a space, or completely transform walls with two-tone papers that mix neutral tones with bold hues. Instant makeover!

Check out the Buying Guide for a selection of wood paneled wallpapers that I just adore in a variety of price points. And check out the before and after of this room to see how involved real paneling can be!

Don’t get me wrong: nothing looks as good as the real thing. But if you want to save your self a nail and some wood, go grab a roll of wallpaper and some glue–then watch the magic unroll!

Happy Shopping!