Boob Lights

Ugh. Boob Lights. Why were these lights ever invented?

What is a boob light, you ask? See below.Untitled

See what makes it a boob light? ((This one, as it would seem, has veining, which is doubly unfortunate!))

Believe me, I understand the dilemma: Flush mounts are a necessity on low ceilings, but don’t be sucked in by these horrible fixtures! A raw bulb dangling from the ceiling is better than a boob light, but in the spirit of avoiding electrocution, here are a few of my favorite flush mount fixtures in a variety of styles and price points.


We used a flushmount in this week’s Big Reveal, Opposites Attract Everywhere, and it looks fabulous. We love how it almost mimics a chandelier in this space!

And we also used a gorgeous flush mount light in our first Room Makeover series, Bedroom for Boaters . . . we love, love, LOVE THIS FIXTURE!!!

If your ceiling leaves you no choice but to go with a flush mount, make sure it doesn’t follow the typical boring design! Cool sunburst shapes can add texture in an unexpected spot (who expects to find something that cool when they look up?!), while bamboo-inspired patterns and industrial-style materials can instantly elevate a space or complete the look of a room. In short, ditch the boob light and find a flush mount to fit your style!

Happy Shopping!