Best Kids Toys for Any Room

Doll House
Funny Bunnies
Magic Mic
Blocks That Rock
Fly Scooter
DIY Hedgehogs
Chic Craft Table
Leather Horse
Wooden Puzzles
DIY Robot
Snuggle Pupples
Leather Hippo
Elephant Rocker
Magnetic Blocks
Drag Me Zebra

Let’s play a fun game! There are ten toys in the room above!! Count em, TEN! And we tried to leave them strewn about like our own children do – can you find them?

All we ever do is nag, “Pick up you toys!”, because we can’t stand the loud, rainbow heinousness that our children play with. We needed a solution, so we found the coolest toys for every age that can stay out alllll the time! Is this a design miracle?! Nope. Just watch the video!

Maybe you remember this kid friendly Blue and White Living Room? We remain stunned that it looks just as good with toys as it does without! And in case you love the way this room feel with or without toys, all of the deets on where to shop similar items in this room are here….


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And none of us can forget this incredible living room by Bunny Williams own, Audrey Margarite, but let’s pretend she has a house full of children already! The EXACT same toys are thrown around this room as in the room above (because we have decided New York kiddos are just as messy as Richmond kiddos)! We show you where to shop this look, and don’t miss some of the amazing deals that Bunny Williams Home is extending to you lovely readers here.

Seriously, check it: Audrey’s room with and without these toys doesn’t really look too different!

So there you have it! Toys that work for all ages AND look good in any room! Anything but loud and obnoxious, and they will always blend with any scheme because of their neutral palette. In fact, we think these little lovelies should always stay on display…. So forward this list to Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers & Sisters – these unisex toys will stand the test of time and never get hidden in a drawer! Voila! The Perfect Toys for Boys & Girls of All Ages!

#FlawlessDesignForAll & remember, pinning is winning 🙂



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