Bang For Your Buck Pendant

Whenever I see something that looks far more important and expensive than it really is, I just have to share it!

I have this Lowe’s pendant hanging over my corner of our office. (Nope, this image is not from episode of Hoarders – though I do love that show!) So flawless, this killer light looks similar to those I’ve seen in top showrooms and high-end stores all over the country, yet it’s inexpensive.

The pendant’s clean bronze finish marries perfectly with chrome, nickel or brass, and its elegant shape allows it to be used in groups or hung alone. Hang it over a kitchen island, in powder rooms, solo in small living rooms, down hallways, or as a grouping in larger space. The options are limitless with this little workhorse!

I’ve used this light fixture in some of the most beautiful houses across the country, and no one ever knows it costs pennies on the dollar.

See how amazing it looks in a recent Big Reveal!

Put simply, buy this light.

Happy Shopping!