Build an Art Collection with the Reynolds Gallery

photo by Eddie Ross

Wanna take your space to a whole new level of design awesome?! Add original art. No interior is complete without stunning art to draw the eye and add legitimacy and dimensionality to a space. Unfortunately for most of us, building an original art collection can prove expensive and even a little daunting.

And that, my friends, is why we partnered with The Reynolds Gallery, an influential Richmond institution with connections that span the art world (and, literally, the “globe world”). Alice and Julia, the directors of the gallery, put together a carefully curated collection of affordable art pieces (all originals!) with price points in between $400 and $2,000 — such a steal, and just for you Hanover Avenue readers!

Click any of the images in this story to find out more about the artist and how to get the work in your own lil’ ole’ room. And guess what else? In addition to this curated collection, The Reynolds Gallery has a page dedicated to art under $1,000. It’s worth checking out, along with their social media pages here and here.


Why should you even care about a personal art collection? In the world of big box stores and internet shopping, it’s easy to buy a print of a photo/painting instead of the real thing. Here’s the hard truth, those images lack soul and don’t do much for your home — kind of like putting fake plants in your apartment. Sure they look good (sometimes), but they fail to add life to a room unless they are mixed with the real deal….

It’s the exact same thing with the art you chose to surround yourself. True, reproductions are inexpensive filler, but original art pieces have a life and soul, and when mixed with reproductions, the real thing makes all of the art in your house look more important. Even better, most original art will appreciate over time (did you ever get the parental lecture about investing in things? ‘Cause we did.) And finally, hop on that small business bandwagon! Local galleries use their limited resources to sponsor artists, which helps build a strong community.



Remember you can start small. Here are some tips for building an affordable art collection:

1. Find an artist you love — nay, are obsessed with — and start saving up. Contact the artist or gallery for price points, and then remind yourself that you are investing in something that very often has appreciating value.

2. Start by buying smaller pieces. Larger scale works, like large rugs, are always more money. But just like buying an area rug to stretch a dime, smaller works can add to the look of a room for less. Then if you get a nice bonus at work or a tax refund, consider putting it towards the larger pieces.

3. Visit your local galleries and attend artist talks, wine socials, and monthly gallery walks. Often you’ll get to know the gallery owners, artists, and other collectors who will lead you in the right direction of where, what, and how to buy. They will learn your taste and send you information when new work arrives that you might love.

4. Pay the money to get your newly acquired work framed well. A bad framing job can make a stunning work of art look cheap and ruin all that hard work and money you put into getting it. Be cheap, but don’t be that cheap. A very reasonably priced frame is one that’s the simplest clear white pine or just plain white. These framing options are timeless and a favorite of The Reynolds Gallery.

Please send us a little note if you end up buying one of these lovelies and show us where is proudly hangs in your own house! We’ll happily share your prized art with our readers.

#FlawlessDesignForAll & remember, pinning is winning 🙂



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