Animal Heads

We get it–Animal Heads are so trendy. But in our world, they’ve been used in houses forever, so we are going think of them as “classics”.

What we love best about this age-old art falling back into fashion is most of the heads are now faux. At last, you can have a zebra smiling on the wall knowing he didn’t say goodbye to his warm grassy plain to make your house pretty!

So many still love to display their sport, and c’est la vie, but if you are not a hunter, these heads will add dimension and texture to any wall. Mixed in with framed art or simply hung alone – they liven up any room.

Very classic to the totally tongue and cheek, try out one of these animal heads in your house – from nursery to study, we’ve picked the best of the bunch to be used in any room.

And if you want to make your very own animal head, we tracked down this adorable DIY video by Toronto-based interior designer, Ashley Freeman. Check it out!!

Happy Shopping!