Adding Pattern to Walls Without Wallpaper

Who loves big impact on a budget?! That’s what were all about today, DIY Design Lovers!

In this post, get excited about how Annie Selke used vintage, hand-painted room dividers to line both sides of her elegant master bedroom – our. jaws. are. on. the. floor! We were so inspired by Annie that we decided to give you a method to make your own killer screens — no artistic intuition or steady hand required.

Bold patterned room dividers lend a room the illusion of papered walls with out the expense or the commitment. Three cheers for adding chic dimension to a space without the permanence of wallpaper, Fickle Design Peeps, REJOICE! And looking at all you renters out there, this is a great alternative to painting!

Wood | Adhesive | Wallpaper | Hinges

Note: The link we have provided for wood leads to panels that are 3/4″ thick, 18″ high, and 8′ long, which is the perfect size for one panel in most houses.


Step 1: Determine how much wood you need. When measuring, keep in mind that your panels will be folded and free-standing. Measure for enough 18″ panels to line either side of your space while slightly bent, and make sure they are a minimum of 4″ lower than your ceiling.

Step 2: Determine how many rolls of wallpaper you will need. You will need enough wallpaper to cover the boards (on one or both sides, depending on your preference).

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We love this Lily Pad Wallpaper!

Step 3: Before you adhere the wallpaper, we suggest painting the edging of the panels in white, or a color that matches the background of the paper, so you do not have raw wood edges. Staining is also a lovely option.

Step 4: Apply the wallpaper individually to each panel using wallpaper adhesive.

Step 5: After applying the wallpaper, and allowing time for drying, install hinges and you’re done!

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Feel free to ask us any questions below, and we would love to see the screens that you create for your own room!




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