A Neutral Sofa Six Ways

Inspired by Mintwood Home founder Heloise McKee’s beautiful apartment, we wanted to show you the tried and true secret of switching out pillows to inexpensively change the whole look of a room. The easiest way to do this is by starting with a neutral sofa as the foundation. Think of a neutral slipcovered sofa is your little black dress – it goes with anything and works anywhere! Check out the one we love most lately, and fall in love with the pillows we found to go with it for every season and vibe….


  1. It has a fantastic profile: arms that are not overly rounded or too bulky, and a frame that works with almost any design scheme or aesthetic.
  2. It has bench cushion allowing more people can fit on it without falling into “The Crack” (and our ‘field experience’ also shows this reduces fights among children -ha!)
  3. It comes with a few extra pillows that can be worked in with the new ones we are suggesting.
  4. It is slipcovered so it can be cleaned easily.
  5. It looks good with almost any pillow combination.
  6. It’s a bananas great price!

Knock your selves out having fun with this shopping guide! And send in the after shots if you try any of these little darlings in your own house….




Buying Guide