A Designer for Marge

Is this a joke?

Nope, this is not an April Fool’s Day gimmick, we promise.

This is what you may see drive by on any given Wednesday in Los Angeles!

And when I saw this guy’s hand casually plopped on Maggie’s head, I realized Marge is so exhausted, she can’t even tell him to keep two hands on the wheel! (Look at the picture–she’s not even strapped in!)

We realized this hardworking mother of three (should we say four and include Homer as a ‘child’?) probably needs a little home ‘refresh’ to make her house feel special, so check out the goodies we found!

We’ve curated a blue collection inspired by the cartoon that she is – line drawings, watercolor inspired fabrics, and traditional profiles simplified to their most basic essence which is both modern and what one might expect to see in animation. We’ve even found art and a mirror that echo Marge’s gravity defying beehive hairdo!

Don’t you think all of this could be found in our dear friend Marge Simpson’s house?! While blue might seem like a bold hue, these pieces can be used to complement statement furniture or as an accent in a neutral room. Let us know if you see Good Ole Margie cruising around your town…!

Happy Shopping!