A Blue Pillow Story

Remember seeing this sofa in this room? We love, Love, LOVE mixing blues! Blue is one of those hues that always looks good no matter how many variations of the shade are combined. I remember learning that tip about the color blue in art school and having a primal lightbulb go off in my mind! “Of course!” I thought, “Humans find all combinations and shades of blue pleasing because we evolved seeing the depth and variation of the ocean and sky together.” Nature is the master designer! She never gets it wrong.

So on this sofa, we really “went for it” with blue in color, pattern, and texture, and the result is so pretty! These pillows look like a collection that could have evolved over the years – an effect that we love so much. We can’t stand the look of a paint by number, “insta-room”, and this space is definitely not contrived!

But we must confess, our favorite pillow of this bunch is by the lovely Vanessa Matsalla!

She has a brilliant design eye and an ever-so-chic Southern California bohemian vibe. We think Vanessa is such a fantastic designer, we have chosen her to be our first Contributing Designer for Anne Tollett Home!

Vanessa will be introducing her design prowess in just a few weeks as we unveil a dining room by Studio Matsalla. Now everyone can see how her brilliant design mind works and how her skilled eyes see a space, but best of all – now anyone can have a dining room designed by Vanessa in their own home – it just doesn’t get more fabulous that that!

FAKE OUT! It DOES get more fabulous than that! Vanessa is giving away one of these pillows to a lucky winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us where you would love to use this pillow in your own house. 

Contest ends June 2, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. The lucky winner will be announced on Instagram on Wednesday, June 3rd!

Happy Shopping (or in this case, Happy Winning!)




PS This is how incredibly “professional” we are in our winner drawings! Paperbag Style, baby! xo