Art Books: Totally Do It!

Some girls shop for shoes; I addictively shop for art books. It is a real problem.

Even in college when I was supposed to be using my money for practical things, I would blow the bank on fancy art books from any museum gift shop. I remember my Aunt Katherine staring at me in disbelief as she watched her broke student niece drop a few hundred at The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“Wow, Anne. Big Spender. Do you really need those?”

“I have to have them,” I sputtered.

((Cue a rousing cheer from Visa as my debt grew larger….)) Those were the days.

I could use the better part of 5000 words telling you why I love a good art book, but for you fine readers, I’ll just hit the interior design highlights of these intoxicating bundles of paper.

Art books are always beautiful; I have yet to see an ugly one.

They become an informative collection of jewels for the room as they deliver visual interest and dimension to a wall or coffee table.

They signify either a journey to an exhibit or a love of a great talent – either way, they make the person who lives in that room seem cultured.

They are often conversation starters, “Oh you love Snowdon, too?”

And they are just as wonderful when you are alone and don’t want to talk to anyone. (Instead, you can lose yourself in the pages of Frankenthaler!)

A good art book is as valuable an accessory as a lamp to your room.

Bold statements, I know, but I stand by every word! Here are several Featured Rooms where art books complete the room.

Buy with abandon. You’ll never look back!

Happy Shopping!



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