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Hanover Avenue Interviews Mintwood Home


Remember the girl growing up that everyone liked? From Kindergarten to College, the girl that fit into every group, laughed easily, was smart as a whip, and creative too? Well that’s Heloise McKee, the mastermind, founder, and creative director behind Mintwood Home! She realized that designer pillows shouldn’t take eight weeks to receive, so she created a service that provides the kind of pillows once only available through the trade that arrive quickly! Made of the finest fabrics, Mintwood Home pillows make it to your door in three weeks, are crazy affordable, and are made as well as any pillow you would buy from an interior designer! What the WHAT?! Yeah, it’s true! But the best part is, you will be buying them from a girl you will really like, and nothing is better than supporting a business of hardworking nice people!

Photography Credit: Abby Jiu

Heloise truly is living the Hanover Avenue motto #FlawlessDesignForAll through her brilliant business model. What began as just pillows has evolved into such a successful design destination Mintwood Home expanded into online retail – you can find the coolest things to feather your nest as you fall into a wormhole of awesome! Heloise has an eye for detail, a knack for finding unique goodies that she knows her customers will love, and a sharp mind for business. Bottom line, this is a wonderful company you’ll want to support and watch achieve even greater success than it’s already garnering because it could not be happening to a nicer person. We are so thrilled to be showing you all Heloise’s living room!


A quick list of what we love!

Fuchsia Spotted Silk Pillow
Blue & White Boxes
Abstract Oil & Acrylic Painting
Wool Woven Rug
Grey & Gold Gourd Lamp
Blue Agate Coasters
Indigo Riad Pillow

*And you can click any item below to take you to a detailed shopping list with links to every store!*


Want to see how fantastic Heloise really is? Grab a cup of coffee and settle into this hilarious video that we recorded when she met us in our offices! It. Is. Fun.


1. Embrace asymmetry when you have limited space. Heloise smarty knew that she didn’t have to have a lamp on either side of the sofa to make it work. Instead, she added an end table with the chicest lamp to one side of the sofa and paired it with an oversized coffee table to make up for the limited surface area. Now you have light to read by on the sofa, and everyone still has a place to put their drink!

2.  When you can’t customize your walls, customize your art! Like so many, Heloise rents, and she was not allowed to change the color of her walls without risk of losing her deposit. So she smartly added color and personality to her walls with colorful art instead of paint – remember how this trick worked in this room and this room?! The fabulous grouping above her sofa was economical and has a wonderful story filled with DIY tips. Don’t miss her video for more details!

3. Wall to wall carpet can be elevated without being eliminated. We all wish we had dreamy hardwoods, but so often rental properties come with carpeting. Heloise knew that if she used a large, neutral area rug in the room on top of the carpet, it would almost blend in and look like it spanned the entire room. So smart! See how the room now looks like it is much more high-end? You barely notice the wall-to-wall carpet and instead see the pretty pattern of the area rug on top of it

** There are almost too many killer tips to write, and Heloise explains them so well in her video! Don’t miss her video for more design details and DIY tips on every corner of this room!


Heloise knows how to stretch a dime by repurposing things she already has and making her own art…. See that coffee table? Believe it or not it was once heavy and dark! See those picture frames? May of them began as black, off the rack uglies! And see that fantastic corner cupboard bar? It began as a hunter green cow! And who can spot the McKee original art?! She is the master with a can of gold spray paint and brush. Learn where she cast her spell with paint and how she did it in her video above. Heloise, we so admire your artistic flair!


Heloise dishes on her own Washington, DC based office, how she would make Michelle Obama’s home office amazing, what could make a secret service agent’s apartment fabooo, how to make Hanover Avenue goldfish cracker addictions look more stylish, and the list goes on…. We show you how to create a swoon-worthy home office and have loads more laughs in this next video and shopping list that is for you lovely Members Only!


Have a ball recreating Heloise’s look and snapping up a few pillows or forty ((wink)) for your own happy house. What an amazing revelation it is to have custom pillows in designer fabric in three weeks! And what a thrill it is to buy the pillows from a company that is easy to believe in and love…. Mintwood Home is on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, but the very best really is the website itself. Definitely go to explore all of the unique goodies and learn more about this brand that we love so very much. Happy Shopping!




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