Hanover Avenue Designs an All Year Outdoor Room

A jaw-dropping terrace, we know! But it's sooo easy to recreate this look using these things even if you only have a small deck!

Who says an outdoor room has to only be for spring and summer?! There are so many climates where outdoor spaces are fab for all seasons, but even in regions with “true four seasons”, an outdoor space can work for at least nine months of the year, AKA a year-round outdoor room. Here’s how!

We teamed up with Williams & Sherrill to create an outdoor room that would not only stand the test of time (and the “wear of the elements”!) but would also be as stylish as any room in your house. So often outdoor furniture is sold in a set and we say, “Forget that!” An outdoor room should look as if it came together effortlessly – as if the pieces naturally evolved over time. We can’t stand “paint by number” interior design, so we brought different profiles and pieces together while uniting them with white. We approached this room almost exactly as we would an interior space.

Like walls indoors, we carefully considered the color and finish of the brick as well as the trim color – after all, we “made this house from scratch” so we could really have fun with it! We love the effect of white washed brick so here’s the skinny on doing that like the true experts. We painted the trim Farrow and Ball’s “Studio Green” No.93. Flawless!

Just move the arrow to watch the terrace go from day to night! Oooohweee, are we ever over the moon for this outdoor room!

I sat down with Jamie Coffey, co-owner of Williams and Sherrill/lead buyer for the store/brilliant designer/hilarious human/visionary businessman as we chat about all the hidden secrets behind designing this room together. Oh, if only every day could be as fun as one spent with Jamie!


BEST: Because of this fun collaboration with Williams & Sherrill, they have agreed to give all of you lovely readers special Anne Tollett Home Pricing! Click on this Golden Ticket to see the Special Pricing List and get your very own Golden Ticket to shop – Whoop!!!


We totally understand that a terrace this large is a dream for so many of us but it can work in a much more modest yard! Our biggest hope is that you get to experience the thrill of designing gorgeous rooms without the worry of design missteps. That’s why we have made it so easy to Become Your Own Designer – no matter what your room layout!

We totally understand that a terrace this large is a dream for so many of us, so check out how you can use the Design Guides to make elements of this outdoor room work on a much smaller lot or deck. It’s so easy to recreate this look in your own space!

Just click “Explore This Room” (in upper right corner) to gain access to all the hidden secrets behind making this room a reality: Buying Guides, Design Guides, How To Videos and more!

Annndd, we’ll be coming back with Williams & Sherrill in the fall to show you how switching out just a few accessories can give you a warm and cozy look to style this space for football season! Go Yankees! (Just kidding.)

Make it your own, and have a ball becoming your own designer!




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