Hanover Avenue Interviews Shannon Kaye: 1 Bathroom, 4 Ways- Mineral Bath


Well look at our little Lowe’s Home Improvement Master Bathroom now! **We love playing with the before and after slider!** We teamed up with the ever brilliant Shannon Kaye, and over the next few days, she transforms the space into three different looks – illustrating that a solid design foundation like we created using Lowe’s and Kohler can work endlessly in design. Here’s her first one!ShannonAnthology7667 copyWhile we suggested Shannon run absolutely wild with whatever she wanted to design, we did have a single request: to make one style reminiscent of a spa. Take a look at what she came back with–we hope you love it as much as we do. SPOILER ALERT: This is not your classic spa!

PS– Be sure to come back to see what style she does unveils for the third Lowe’s Master Bathroom.

PPS– Shannon has installed her own art into this room and you can buy it too…so cool!




Here, Shannon gives a glimpse into her design mind through her own words:

The Mood

“Bathrooms with classic materials and finishes lend themselves beautifully to creating the look and feel of a hotel resort or elegant spa. And for me, spas are about luxury and mood. The materials need to be fine, everything needs to be organized for easy access and the feeling needs to be soothing and relaxed.”

The Paint

“To create a clean sense of luxury, I would keep the walls, ceiling and trim very neutral with a pale chalky gray, such as Kelly-Moore 5675 Bridal Veil. If the walls are too white, the room could feel cold and clinical; even unapproachable, so colors that have slight contrast from background color of your stone, and I’d use the lowest paint finish possible to keep the walls visually pushed back. If the room is large enough with plenty of natural ventilation, I like eggshell finish for all painted surfaces from walls and ceiling to trim and doors. This allows your white cabinets, gorgeous tub, and stunning marble to keep center stage.”

The Accessories

“To fill in the space, I’d select only the most essential accessories looking for items that are metallic or mineral based in look and finish, sculptural and geometric mixed with lush linen towels and an elegant rug for the ultimate sense of comfort. I love geode shapes for stool, bowls and trays, even shelf brackets like the ones I found for the water closet shelf (stack three or four and add a personal collection of unique objects!), which can hold toilet paper, air freshener, and other necessities for that space.

Of course, a comfy soft rug will really give the room a sense of elegance, so look for something that feels wonderful under foot with a pale quiet pattern to keep your eyes and senses up towards the light.”


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BONUS: Sarah Dickinson, the beloved blogger from Sarah’s Book Shelves, has picked the books in this room to completely fit the design and mood! We love reading as we lounge in a tub, so check out the cool books that Sarah chose for the room based on the design! It is a trip to see how her mind works, and she always picks the best reads – so brilliant!


Just a few accessories, and this master bathroom has transformed into a modern spa! We love how instead of going for contrived, Shannon went with modern choices featuring geometric influences that still feel zen. Watch this video with Anne and Shannon to learn why Shannon’s design choices work so well.


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