Hanover Avenue Designs a Summer Dream Closet with Rachel Yonan

Have you ever wanted to snoop in the drawers and cabinets of one of the “Dream Walk-in Closets” you alway see in magazines and on glowing screens? We have! So we decided to make our snooping dreams a reality! That’s why we partnered with fabulous fashionista and stylist, Rachel Yonan, the mastermind behind Touting My Wears. Rachel comes from a fashion merchandising background and shows how to take those crazy runway looks and make them wearable for everyday – this girl is amazing!

We designed this closet closely with Rachel, carefully placing every drawer, shelf, bar, and appliance (yes, appliances!) around what she imagined would work best for fashion if money were no object. The result is a swoon-worthy space that anyone can fall in love with! The best part: she has stocked the closet with all of her top picks for summer!! From “thread to bobble”, everything that she loves and wants you to see for the season is hanging and folded with links to stores so you can buy it all! Here is a little peek into her Buying Guide below.

Take a look at Rachel seeing her closet for the first time! It’s a trip, and you can really get a sense of what a kind soul she is . . . (and I, evidently, am an overly physical Ox when I get excited?! Lovely.)



And even when design is purely virtual and “money is no object”, there are still limitations and realities of making dreams come true.



We absolutely DIE for this closet!


Our biggest wish is that you get to experience the thrill of designing gorgeous rooms without the worry of design missteps. That’s why we have made it so easy to Become Your Own Designer – no matter what your room layout!

Just click “Explore This Room” (in upper right corner) to gain access to all the hidden secrets behind making this room a reality: Buying Guides, Design Guides, How To Videos and more!

We know this closet is really a fantasy for so many of us, so in just a few weeks we’ll be showing you how to glam up any old non-walk-in closet! And, of course, Rachel will be right there with us, stocking that closet with an edited list of her fashion “must-haves” from every price point!

Make it your own, and have a ball becoming your own designer!






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