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Hanover Avenue Interviews The Pink Clutch

Photography by Christina Wedge

Veranda Flowers Book
Pale Brass Candlesticks
Green Lattice Garden Stool
Tufted Chair in Lemon Linen
Brass Candlesticks
Chinoiserie Ginger Jar
Pink Floral Throw Pillow


We are thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED to have the one and only Paige Minear, mastermind behind The Pink Clutch, on Hanover Avenue! Loving wife, adoring mother of four, renowned blogger, trend-setter, taste-maker, and beloved friend to those that know her best, Paige is instantly likable and lives in a house that is super chic but most of all – livable! In her video interview, she reveals how her fantastic library came together and how she combined high-end pieces with thrift store finds, paired inherited gems with big box store scores, and how to make color and pattern sing in a wood paneled room that for years could not be painted because her husband loved it so much…. Ladies, raise your hand if you have ever had to work around a design element that your man just could not part with?! #mallardduck #recliner #pooltable #enormoustv

BUT…as many of us wives know, after a while, we can persuade our sweet men to make a change, which is why we are excited to announce that this is the last time you will see this room as it is today! Pay attention to all of Paige’s design nuggets of gold in the video because she was selected as one of the few sponsored participants for the One Room Challenge, and it is this very library that will be getting a major makeover!

We love how she added levity, light and whimsy to her wood paneled walls with color and pattern, but for the room’s new look, Paige has chosen white lacquer walls! We cannot wait to see how this room transforms on her blog over the next few weeks! In the mean time, if you have wood paneling in your own home that you cannot part with (or if you simply love color and pattern), pay attention to how Paige created this fantastic library as seen for the last time right here on Hanover Avenue!


A quick list of what we love!

Veranda Flowers Book
Pale Brass Candlesticks
Green Lattice Garden Stool
Tufted Chair in Lemon Linen
Brass Candlesticks
Chinoiserie Ginger Jar
Pink Floral Throw Pillow

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This is such a fun video where Paige dishes up insider design secrets and behind the scenes tips on how this room came to life (along with some very personal tips on being a working mom and creating a wildly successful blog and brand). Skip Bravo TV tonight and settle into Paige’s phenomenal library and sage advice!


1. Choose a uniting color for the room. Paige loves to combine many patterns, colors, and movements of furniture in one space, so she used green as the “anchor color”. In several shades, this hue always looks terrific no matter how you combine it, and having it as the common theme allowed her to mix a huge variety of textiles and profiles seamlessly. P.S. It was St. Patrick’s Day when we filmed her interview – Leprechauns Unite!

2. Mix antiques and new finds. Paige inherited several pieces and she is an avid antique store and thrifting mavin – she loves the history antiques give a room (as well as the money she saves furnishing a house like this)! She deftly blends newer items to make the room feel of the moment and on-trend but never “trendy”. Smart Cookie!

3. The Power of the Pair! There is so much going on in this library, but if you look closely, Paige creates rhythm and order in pairings. This is an age old trick that gives a room balance and affords endless color and pattern combinations while allowing the eye a visual rest.


So much of this space was curated on a dime! Don’t miss Paige’s fantastic video interview above where she dishes about how she did it all on a shoesting…. Grab a cup of coffee and settle into what is going to feel like a conversation with one of your best friends. Paige is a real, fun, funny, and down-to-earth as they come!


OooohhhWeeee, an insider’s glimpse behind the scenes of Paige’s office where she creates The Pink Clutch and how she came up with the killer shade of blue. Paige reveals how this office evolved in a fun video, and we show you where to buy it all so you can recreate her look. We DIE for this cheerful space!


We hope you have a blast following Paige’s lead and playing with color and pattern in your own house, especially if you have wood paneled walls! But also be sure to follow her journey as she shows you all how this room is transformed over the next 6 weeks through the One Room Challenge – even House Beautiful has taken a liking to Sweet Paige and has an eye on her! We love a warm, hard working mother that knows how to make a house pretty while balancing a budget.




P.S. All photography of the room is by the amazing Christina Wedge! Without her eye and fabulous shots, this article would not have been possible. THANK YOU, Christina, I can’t wait to meet you!

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