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We’re doing something new and fun at Hanover Avenue: Reader’s Rooms! Now you get to see how some of our talented readers really live – readers who love design, give back to the design world, and are creative themselves though they might not be trained interior designers! And this is our very first one! Remember the work of Interior Canvas Home in The Gramercy Park Apartment? Well, this is Anna Kristin Yarbrough, the brain behind the blog Interior Canvas, and now the mastermind behind her new fabric line, Interior Canvas Home! Check out the adorable Nashville family room where she, her sweet husband, and three adorable daughters call home!

Before and After

Wow! What an amazing transformation! Anna Kristin totally overhauled the floor plan to make the room feel larger and to let more people have a comfy seat – perfect for entertaining! Slide the center diamond below to the left and right to reveal the full before and after.


A quick list of what we love!

Brass Starburst Sconce
Brass-Plated Log Basket
Leaf Throw Pillow
English Country Side Chair
Neutral Table Lamp

*And you can click any item below to take you to a detailed shopping list with links to every store!*


1. Slipcover older furniture! This saves loads of money but also allows you to keep family pieces that are sentimental. And the big bonus: very often older, inherited pieces are constructed far better than what you can buy from chain stores today!

2.  White slipcovers are super durable! We seem to say this every other week, but white slipcovers are so forgiving with kids. Take them off and throw in the wash, and {{!boom!}} they’re like new! Anna Kristin has three little girls and though this is the room they use the most, it still looks fabulous!

3. Use the same fabric to unite furniture with different profiles. Do you have chairs or sofas that are slightly different but you want them to seem like a pair? Just cover them in the same fabric! It makes them look like they were meant to go together while lending some visual interest because of their slightly different lines.

4. Use accessories and decorative accents that are sentimental. Anna Kristin’s husband loves to hunt so she used one of his trophies between the french doors, and wowie, it is now one of the coolest things in the room! It’s funky and sculptural and is a reflection of the man she loves. Win/Win! *And if you’re not a fan of real animal trophies, don’t miss the Insider Secrets below! ((wink))

5. Black stair risers magically hide scuff marks. Leave it to a mother of three to figure this trick out! In a space that gets so much use, these black risers are total genius. And what’s even better is the black recedes, so instead of white risers blocking the visual plane, the living rooms blends into the dining room making the space feel huge!


Do you love this wall color as much as we do too! It’s a magic formula and the perfect neutral without feeling “builder’s beige”! Anna Kristin share’s all of the details so you can have it too. PLUS! If you love the look of Anna Kristin’s killer deer trophy, but like to leave out the kill, we found three animal trophies that look like something she might choose for her house!



Layer whites and textures! Mix winter whites with soft whites, bright whites, creams, and off-white…. Vary mohair, leather, wools, linens, cashmere. It allllll works together and creates an visually interesting and sophisticated space. Anna Kristin puts her “Fireworks Sand (reverse)” fabric lumbar next to a textural larger pillow on a damask chair that’s next to fabulous white and cream porcelain. The result is supah dupah fabulous!




Anna Kristin is so fun on film and she drops so many amazing tips on film with Anne, we barely edited this behind-the-scenes video. So go grab a cup of tea, settle in and prepare to have a blast learning a ton while being entertained by this brilliant Nashville business woman. Thank you, Anna Kristin!




We are huge fans of Interior Canvas Home fabric because of it’s total affordability! But more than that we are bigger fans of the story behind it….To learn more about Anna Kristin and Interior Canvas Home, check out their website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

Interior Canvas Home Fabric





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