Hanover Avenue Designs a Modern Living Room in Dallas

A modern house and darling Texas family inspired something new! We are so excited to announce our first commissioned room at Hanover Avenue! We enjoyed this process so much that we just might add more of these new custom projects so you can always see the results. PS- You could even have the opportunity to work with us yourself!

The Backstory

The work load of our beloved Hanover Avenue is a full time commitment, so we initially had to decline signing on as their traditional design firm – it killed us. But this wonderful couple from Dallas, Texas was sweet enough to embrace our virtual design site and give us an awesome opportunity we couldn’t pass up. They agreed to a flat rate, a few brief calls, gave us their architectural plans, took a leap of faith that we’d get it right, and we virtually designed their new living room right here on this lil’ ol website!

The Challenge & The Design

This hardworking couple has three spirited boys, so you can only imagine how durable we had to make this living room! What made this project even more challenging is that in modern design, you can’t easily hide behind extra accessories or wild patterns–the bones of the house and their aesthetic required we keep the space streamlined. To create a sleek room that could still camouflage stains and little handprints, we combined grays, blacks and reversible, muted creams that are so forgiving. We then added iconic furniture and inherited art to polish off the room with an elevated look. We love the transformation in this before and after slider!

Watch us reveal the new room to this adorable family and learn a few design tricks too!


How about even more insider design tips!? This video reveals coveted secrets of designing a modern living room!


Splurge & Save

What’s great about this room is that we were able to offer a modern space at two price points! We used high-end pieces that you can see in the Befores and recreated the same aesthetic with beautiful, affordable options in the Afters, which end up costing around 10K. Phenom!! Can you see the subtle differences?


Love anything you see? We have a detailed BUYING GUIDE of everything from this room in two price points! Can you tell which items are Splurge and which are Save?

The art you see in the above images are stunning, inherited pieces, but we found fabulous alternatives for all of you! Take a look!!

This space is completely interchangeable! It was designed to interact and move with the family’s needs! Watch us show you how it works.



Our biggest wish is that you get to experience the thrill of designing flawless rooms without the worry of design missteps. That’s why we have made it so easy to Become Your Own Designer – no matter what your room layout! Just click “Explore This Room” (in upper right corner) to get started: 

1. BUYING GUIDES with clickable links to stores of everything you see

2. DESIGN GUIDES with room planners and templates to get this look in your own floorplan

3. HOW TO VIDEOS and more!




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