Hanover Avenue Collaborates with The Cafe Sucre Farine to Design a Lowe’s Kitchen

It’s all from Lowe’s, baby, LOWE’S! We teamed up with Chris Scheuer, mastermind behind of the acclaimed food blog The Cafe Sucre Farine, to create a kitchen that made our jaws drop. We wanted to show a space that a true cook would love but also one that’s incredibly accessible. Most of all, it’s easy to recreate.

The goal of this room was simple: design a timeless and high-end “chef’s kitchen” that wouldn’t break the budget (or break your spirit!) in the design process. Feast your eyes – literally!

It was blast collaborating with Chris for this kitchen! So much of the design – the placement of trash cans, double sinks, double dishwashers, drawer placement – is a direct reflection of Chris and how she likes a kitchen to flow. Watch this video and fall in love with her sweet spirit and warm heart like my team and I already have . . .


The thing we love about Lowe’s (besides the “one stop shop” affordability!) is that they have a team in place to do all of the space planning for their customers. Bring in your dimensions, and they make it all fit! And now that you have a Buying Guide outlining every appliance, fixture, and finish, creating this new kitchen is a snap. Jerry Crockett is my main man in the Richmond Store on Broad Street. If you live anywhere near 23220, make an appointment with him and breathe a sigh of relief! He. Is. ACES!

When we began this kitchen journey with Chris, we wanted to find a way to include her phenomenal food in the story. My daughter’s birthday was coming up, and I said, “Let’s pretend this is a kitchen where we are having a huge family birthday party! Can you create a meal that would appeal to multiple generations? A dinner that a six year old and sixty six year old would all gobble up?”

Without missing a beat, she cheerfully said, “Ooooh! What a great idea!” and started emailing me ideas as we were chatting on the phone!

And soooo it’s your lucky day, click on any of the food and drinks in the image right above to see Chris’s entire menu with recipes of how to make it all! We just know Chris and her recipes are going to become traditions and family favorites for generations!


Having a kitchen that any chef would drool over does not have to drain the retirement account or require visits to countless showrooms! By using these timeless finishes and appliances from Lowe’s, you can increase the value of your house all while saving time and money. 

Our biggest wish is that you get to experience the thrill of designing gorgeous rooms without the worry of design missteps. That’s why we have made it so easy to Become Your Own Designer – no matter what your room layout! Just click “Explore This Room” (in upper right corner) to get started: Buying Guides, Design Guides, How To Videos and more!

We hope this has taken all of the heartache out of designing the heart of your home, and that now you feel inspired to tackle that kitchen remodel and cook some amazing food when it’s finished!



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