Hanover Avenue Interviews Lauren Liess


Remember this dreamy bedroom and bath?! We had to bring it back to the top because we love Lauren’s style so much! Lauren Liess was the very first designer to open her house up to our readers and dish on video about everything she did to create such a fabulous and personal space! We have a soft spot for Lauren for so many reasons, but here are just a few:

She took time to film with us the day her book launched (she is fabulous on camera!),

she gave one of the most generous giveaways yet (look at that!),

she wrote the sweetest blog post which helped drive new readers our way (still love you for that, Lauren!),

she graciously promoted us on social media which was so kind (high five!),

and did all of that with a brand new baby (her 4th!), client jobs, and designing a room for Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

Lauren is the kind of big talent that everyone wants to be around and hire, she really is that nice and sincere! So sit back and relive the magic as we Feature Lauren Liess again….she is worth an encore!

Originally published October 27, 2015


Ohhh, Amazing Lauren Liess! The fabulous designer with a flawless textile line and newly published a book generously made time to sit and chat with us like old friends (even thought we have never met!) She’s carefully curated an aesthetic over the years that’s simple, relaxed and natural – and guess what, it is a perfect reflection of her natural, relaxed and fun personality!

Lauren’s given us a beautiful, intimate look into her own personal master bedroom (well, former master bedroom as she just moved with her sweet husband, three boys, and adorable baby girl – whew, she’s a rockstar!) A space emphasizing the use of neutrals in a fresh way, this room is chic, comfortable, and inviting. Here are the highlights from our nearly 30 minute video chat with Lauren, but read on to find even more video gold and decorating secrets from this fab designer!

PS – If you have a chance, immerse yourself in Lauren’s incredible work, grab a cup of coffee and dedicate at least 20 minutes for some “design awesome”! From her elegant art selections to her clean design choices, the breadth of her portfolio offers effortless appeal – just be warned, you may burn your toast because you’ll become transfixed!


What we adore in this space is the blend of several different influences that shine through in the details! English-style prints, botanicals, and photography (both classic and modern) on the wall gallery feel timeless and stylish, while pops of global influence burst through in the neutral patterns of the blanket, pillows, and rug for visual interest. This bedroom is current without being trendy, classic without feeling stuffy, and youthful while remaining charming! See, she’s one talented cookie!

Let’s talk more about those prints on the wall! This collection of photographs, prints, and online finds creates a textured installation that just can’t help but catch the eye – best, it’s like wallpaper that you can take with you if you ever move, which is exactly what Lauren just did. What we love most about it is how Lauren ties all of these pieces together with off-white matting and how she created symmetry that literally feels organic. In this video, Lauren teaches you all how to recreate a wall installation in any room!

Lauren also pulls off an amazing feat–she’s able to create the allusion of the outdoors in without the use of color. How does she do it? Through the art itself! Despite being in black and white, the botanical subject matter of the prints give life to the space. Lauren Liess, you are simply amazing, and here is how you all can get started!


What makes this room so inviting is the mix of different furniture eras and cultural influences. Though subtle, this technique gives the space a collected, relaxed feel. We’re so fond of the midcentury dresser that’s juxtaposed to the traditional headboard.

In the bathroom, we see a classic American-style sink that gives clean structure to the space. Instead of going for a glass sheet to close off the shower, Lauren gives the room casual elegance by using a crisp, white shower curtain and a simple stool. High end brass fixtures (that won’t tarnish over time!) then complete the look. Watch as Lauren chats about all of her bathroom secrets!


Love anything you see? We have a detailed BUYING GUIDE of everything from this room so you can easily re-create the look in your own house!

“A Book?”, you say! Why yes! It’s called ‘Habitat’ and it’s as informative as it is beautiful! Find out all of the behind the scenes details of Lauren writing this book (while prego!) and why this great read is so much more than a bunch of pretty pictures!

Lauren’s fabric defies words, but this video says it allllll! We love it so much we are using some of it in an upcoming Hanover Avenue commissioned room!


Because Lauren is so smart and funny and fun to film with, we have decided to have a Hanover Avenue first! Here is the ENTIRE interview! Skip TV tonight, grab a cozy drink and watch all of the hidden goodies that we cut from the above clips… BUT FIRST: The hilarious outtakes and blooper reel!


Full Interview

We love Lauren’s work, and this is definitely a designer to follow. As she continues to garner more national acclaim (than she already has!), she’s definitely one to watch. Her Instagram feed is bananas, her Pinterest wall is bonkers, and her website is aces! THANK YOU, Lauren, for making the world a prettier place to live!

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