Hanover Avenue Interviews Janie Molster: Part 2- Dining Room


In our article covering the living area of this huge space, we talked about how we just love Janie Molster‘s keen design sense. And just look–she’s kept her style flowing seamlessly from the living room to the dining room! The chic Pecky Cypress paneling gives the walls a warmness that still feels polished, while the cement floors add a sleek, modern element – perfect ying/yang!



Because this room is not a photograph or “real” location (it’s all done on the computer!), we were able to give Janie total creative freedom! We said, “Design anything you want – do whatever you have been dying to do – the sky is the limit and you can pick any location in the world!” Watch as Janie explains her thought process behind designing the foundation of this stunning and very large coastal space! Fascinating!




With huge square footage like this, a typical homeowner might just try to find one rug to accommodate the size. What Janie does is genius–by layering the room with rugs of different prints featuring similar colorways, the space feels organic and naturally pulled together. This collected feel is channeled once more through the furniture. Mixing a variety of movements, Janie combines classic silhouettes and a wow-worthy banquette in bold fuchsia that makes a statement.

Just look at this dining area! We love how Janie pushes it to the max by fearlessly combining so many different materials: linen, wool, velvet, ceramic, glass, lucite, every kind of wood–if you can imagine it, it’s here. While the furniture is grounded in neutral tones, she splashes in pops of red, fuchsia, deep oranges, and roses in the accessories, as well as a variety of textures to keep things interesting. Janie explains the layout of the room and why this dining space works so well! A true master of space planning and textiles, we know you will love seeing how her brilliant mind works!


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You don’t have to have a huge dining room to use the furniture in this space! In this video, Janie explains how you can take a few of the elements to recreate this look. By using a rectangular table (that expands and contracts!), Janie lets the furniture shine with a bold banquette and upholstered head chairs. Watch this video to learn how you can bring this aesthetic to your dining room, and find out why she chose the pieces she did!


Time to get into the details! Specifically the art on this side of the room! Janie adores artist Ashley Woodson Bailey and she chose to make a bold pairing of two oversized botanicals. With an O’keeffe nod, this paring pulls together all of the colors in the space. We love how they are a modern twist on a traditional theme and how well they play perfectly with the large painting by Lindsay Cowles and dramatic sculptures by Julie Silvers across the room. The fuschia flowers even have a happy banter with the mod lucite sculpture! Genius. In this video, Janie explains why she chose these pieces and how much she loves these artists.


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P.S. We’re suckers for some good outtakes, and we think the funniest part is my BIZARRE hairdo-ducktail and Janie casually agreeing that she has known me since I was “a moron”! Hilarious. A hundred years ago, I was Janie’s design errand runner (and she even let me babysit her kids and drive them around cause she’s brave!) But what’s confounding is I evidently age horribly and she does not age at all?! Hey Janie, you gave us killer design secrets, now cough up the name of your night cream, cause I want to look like you today!! xo

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