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Hanover Avenue Designs a Girl’s Bedroom in a Rental House


We show you how to take the most finicky room of all (a growing girl’s room!) and make it versatile to fit both a rental house and a child growing from age 6 to 12.

The bones of this room are as boring as it gets. Rectangular with no built-in storage, no architectural elements and a few windows, it provided a blank canvas for what we could create. Also, FYI: everything in this room is off the rack and inexpensive so anyone can recreate this look!


A quick list of what we love!

White Wooden Accent Table
Texas Needlepoint Throw Pillow
Pink Storage Basket
Pink Paisley Curtains
Button Armchair
Pink Photo Frame
Indoor/Outdoor Floral Rug
Tiny Glass Vase
Pink Coverlet Bedding Set
Kay Thompson's Eloise Book

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1. A durable all-weather rug is the smartest thing you can bring into a child’s room–it helps keep the rental carpet and floor clean with little effort! The rug we’ve chosen also helps lay the foundation for the space’s color scheme (we’ll get to that in a second!). Best, it’s bulletproof and can practically be Windexed.

2. Not allowed to paint? Go with oversized art. Because we couldn’t change the bland wall color of this rental, we brought the room to life in the artwork. These oversized pieces draw attention away from the antiseptic walls, while also giving the room a vintage aesthetic. Plus, using large vibrant pieces like these help give the illusion of colorful wallpaper without the effort of painting.



3. Buy pieces that offer versatility and could work well in any space. The wooden bed frame is classic, while a freestanding mirror isn’t limited for use just in a bedroom–picture this in a dressing room, bathroom, or cozy study. A white nightstand works well as a bedside table, but could also be used as an end table in a foyer or living room. BONUS: Grab a colorful can of spray paint and poof! It’s a whole new piece.

4. Even storage can be fun! Cool, offbeat touches, like the woven basket and polka dot boxes in the nightstand also help give the space much needed storage, color and whimsy. When you’re six years old, the laundry basket is where you play hide and seek, but when you’re 12, it’s where you hide late night snacks and diary entries!

5. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with patterns! Doing this brings energy into the room by making it feel less “rental” (without tapping into your security deposit!).


Have a room in an apartment or rental house that could use some help? Watch this video and learn how Anne transformed this space from a room with bland walls to one that feels like home!




When you’re transforming a rental house into your own customized space, the personal touches you add make a huge difference. Instead of customizing the bed with monograms, we found playful pillows that reflected the city and state where the child was born. Now she can take these accessories wherever she goes!



It doesn’t matter if your floorplan is not the same! DESIGN GUIDES with room planners and templates help you get this look in your own house – no matter what your layout! We show you exactly how we do it – It’s So Easy! If you love paper dolls, you will LOVE this!




Girls Bedroom in a Rental Layout Girls Bedroom in a Rental Layout



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