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Hanover Avenue Interviews Dana Gibson


Raise your hand if you love a designer with a quick whit, a sharp and creative mind, funny laugh, and dimples when she smiles?! Our hands are raised! Meet the ever talented Dana Gibson, whose mother is a painter, grandmother was a sculptor, and whose great-grandfather was the renowned painter and illustrator Charles Dana Gibson. It’s no wonder she carries on her family’s incredible art and design sense all while creating a booming empire of her own! See how Dana shows off her unique style in her very own living room. The best part is Dana created almost everything you see in this room, and you can have it too!


A quick list of what we love!

Chair in 'Dove Stripe'
Porcelain Blue and White Garden Stool
Geometric Gold Floor Lamp
Bamboo-Style Ottoman Bench
White Slipcovered Sofa

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Dana Gibson’s Design Tips: Volume 1

Dana Gibson’s Design Tips: Volume 2



1. Use millwork to give your room an instant facelift. When Dana first moved in, this room’s simple sheetrock walls did nothing to leverage the space. By bringing in elegant wainscoting and exaggerating it to great heights, the room now has built-in character that gets guests talking.

2.  Don’t be afraid to break a room’s symmetry! Since the gridded millwork walls ground the space while making the ceilings feel grander, Dana was able to get away with arranging accessories slightly off center. We love the off-beat placement of the portrait painting, the subtle addition of the vase on the mantle, as well as the asymmetrical positioning of the stool and floor lamp.

3. If you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous floors, let the rugs play a supporting role instead of taking the lead. Because this house enjoys handsome hardwood, Dana made the rugs work together under a rich, understated brown color scheme. One old and one new, their contrasting prints pique interest while still showing off the beautiful floors.

4. Let the colors and patterns create a conversation of their own! Dana is famous for her gorgeous textiles represented through Stroheim and her own website, and this space highlights them everywhere from the chairs to the benches to even the lampshade! How does she pull off so much eye candy at once? Each pattern offers just the right hit of white to seamlessly connect them all together.

5. Let your furniture plan express some style and versatility! Instead of the typical sofa-to-wall placement, Dana pulls them away to let them face one another. She then pairs benches that echo the sofa pairing but still allow for maximum seating versatility. A sleek glass coffee table anchors the room without feeling too heavy or crowded.

**Do you love these tips from Dana Gibson as much as we do?? Cause they are just the tip of the iceberg (sorry we are nerds).  Check out her videos, Vol. 1 &  Vol. 2, where Dana reveals all that went into her room in her own voice. She is both brilliant and witty – the kind of creative mind you want to have over for a brownie and hot chocolate (PS – you can even eat the brownie on her white sofas.  Find out why!)


Discover some of our favorite accessory and paint color combinations influenced by Dana Gibson


Bookcases are one of our favorite places to get personal. Instead of making them appear overly designed and too perfect, Dana places her own treasures and books she’s read and casually arranges them in a way that feels organic, undesigned yet perfectly pulled together.



If you haven’t gotten enough of Dana Gibson be sure to check out her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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It doesn’t matter if your floorplan is not the same! DESIGN GUIDES with room planners and templates help you get this look in your own house – no matter what your layout! We show you exactly how we do it – It’s So Easy! If you love paper dolls, you will LOVE this!


PS – For this story, Carreras Jewelers let me be their doll. The stunning necklace that I am wearing during my interview with Dana is from Peter Storm’s Tessuto Colori collection. Check out the videos to see it in real time.  An amazing giveaway is coming tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned!




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