Hanover Avenue Designs a Home Library for a True Reader

I read, I am reading, I read, I have read.

We see them all the time: flawless home libraries that look like the smartest, most stylish, most well-traveled person on earth lives there. We admit, we are suckers for a yummy home library, so we wanted to see how a REAL READER – a true book junkie  – would stock the shelves! Published libraries in houses from the glossy pages and glowing screens are fabulous, but isn’t it always more fun to feel like you really know what someone reads?! After all, books tell you so much about a person.

Enter Sarah Hovis Dickinson, the brilliant book blogger behind Sarah’s Book Shelves. Sarah is definitely a real reader, and every book she suggests is a winner. I don’t read as much as I should, but when I do, I always choose one from her list!

Sarah is giving all of us a real treat by unveiling every book that she would buy to stock a home library. It’s astounding to see her mind at work, and we have grouped the books exactly as she specified – from categories like “Chunksters”, “See I’m Smart”, “Demented Students”, “Goosebump Inducing Sports Books”, “Twisty Thrillers”, to “Wealthy People Behaving Badly”, this girl has you covered. Those categories alone illustrate how funny and quick-witted she is, but even better is reading her thoughts on her book organization!

But before we get to our little video chat with Sarah, check out our video where we reveal some of the best design tips behind this room. Sharing the secret and guarded “tricks of the trade” with all of you is one of our favorite things to do – enjoy!


Do you want to watch Sarah see the accessories in her library for the first time, but also learn her thought process behind the books she chose?! Check this girl out! We adore Sarah and soooo wish we had her literary mind ((sigh)). *And apologies for our sound engineering! CLEARLY it’s time to hire a film crew?!




Our biggest wish is that you get to experience the thrill of designing gorgeous rooms without the worry of design missteps. That’s why we have made it so easy to Become Your Own Designer – no matter what your room layout!

Just click “Explore This Room” (in upper right corner) to gain access to all the hidden secrets behind making this room a reality: Buying Guides, Design Guides, How To Videos and more!

We know a library like this is really a fantasy for many of us, so in just a few weeks we’ll be showing you how to recreate this look even if you don’t even have shelves (or a separate room!) to house your books. And, of course, Sarah will be right there with us, editing her list to the essential “must haves”!

Make it your own, and have a ball becoming your own designer!




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