Hanover Avenue Interviews Alice Lane

Photography by Lindsay Salazar


Oh Alice Lane, somehow you’re able to make magical spaces even more amazing! Can we just take five seconds to obsess over the spell they cast on renowned fashion blogger, Emily Jackson’s kitchen? Emily realized she wanted her newly built traditional white kitchen design to reflect her eye for style even more, so who better than Jessica Bennett, owner and principal designer of Alice Lane, to take something that by all accounts was flawless and make it jaw-dropping. Jessica magically took an impeccable room to even greater heights by adding design elements that perfectly reflect Emily’s aesthetic. So let’s settle in as Jessica reveals all of her styling tips and insider design secrets while we show you how to recreate some of these coveted design details in your own kitchen! And um… have you ever seen purple look so chic?! ((Prince is def smiling down from heaven!))


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So just how does a full service design firm with an outstanding retail store transform Emily Jackson’s already fabulous space into something swoon-worthy? Watch as Jessica unveils it all in her fun video interview. You are going to love how she reveals Emily’s eye for fashion through interior design, and how every design move she makes tells a story and that is both practical and beautiful. Ohhhh, if only we could all have cupcakes in Emily’s kitchen and hang out with Jessica every day! These video tips are solid gold.


1. Use color on elements that are easy to change because inevitably, your tastes and trends change. One year you might love cerulean and the next you might dig celadon – who knows what will strike your fancy? That’s why, especially in rooms as expensive as kitchens, it is important to have the fixed elements like countertops and backsplashes stay as neutral and timeless as possible. After all, you want your investment to stand the test of time. Follow Alice Lane’s lead as they use color on window treatments, insides of cabinets, and through accessories. Smart! *Jessica really dives into these tips in her fun video interview*

2. Quartzite is tough as old boots but as elegant as marble. This surface is a little expensive but worth every nickel. It’s far harder, stain resistant, and more forgiving than marble, so definitely look into using this in your own house. And take a look at how the White Macaubas on the countertops smartly runs up the backsplash – snaps to this killer design design decision! Jessica has used it for years for clients, and she has the same stone in her very own master bathroom!

3. Thick steak and thick countertops, baby! A thick slab of stone elevates any kitchen, so buy a slab that is a fat as you can afford! Standard thickness is usually 3cm, but you can always miter the edges to make them appear thicker, and we LOVE how these counters follow the profile of the millwork below. So chic!

For even more kitchen tips, check this out!


All white kitchens don’t have to be “all white”. Did you notice that phenomenal paint color on the base cabinets? See how the room still feels white despite the hue on the lowers? This is a great trick that keeps all white kitchens from feeling too sterile; it adds warmth and interest without taking away any freshness. LUV.ING.IT!

Here are a few grays we adore:Gray-Paint-Swatches

1. Horizon Gray :: 2. Collingwood :: 3. French Gray :: 4. Wickham Gray :: 5. Coastal Fog





Um…. #ThisIsTheButler’sPantryThatDreamsAreMadeOf! And it is hidden behind a door that looks like a refrigerator which makes all of my “Clue Board Game Dreams” come true…. P.S. The color blue of the cabinets and shelving in the Butler’s Pantry is epic!


Even if your kitchen is far more modest than this space (like our kitchens are!), we hope you’ll feel inspire to try some of these design tips in your own house. Jessica and her whole team at Alice Lane are masterful designers and stylists, and their insider secrets can elevate any room. You don’t have to hop on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah to have the magic of Alice Lane, now you can simply kick back with a cup of tea and take notes as you watch her fun and super informative video interview while you Shop the Look right here.

So a huge thank you to Emily Jackson and Alice Lane for opening your doors to Hanover Avenue! You two women are aces and make fashion and design accessible to the world! Don’t miss them on Instagram here and here, and their Pinterest is fab too and too…. High five to smart, stylish, and beautiful Girl Bosses!