You get to pick the wallpaper!

Play interior designer with us!

The amazing wallpaper samples from Paper Mills came yesterday and we are FLIPPING OUT! Amy Mill’s work is nothing short of fine art for your walls! With a metallic background and flat finish print on top, these papers are going to make the walls sing!

We have designed a library, and right now it’s a blank canvas ready to be made beautiful! So before we chose everything for the room, you dear readers get to pick the wallpaper and paint. Fun! Let us know in the comment section below which one you love best – the sunny yellow scheme or the fresh green scheme? We will use whichever one get the most comments by the time we are ready to virtually paint and paper the walls!

Here is a little sneak peak at the library before we make it look like the “real rooms” you see every week on the website! This is a glimpse at our spaces in the earliest stages – wowie, are the rooms we create ever an involved labor of love! For us, this is like seeing an ultrasound before meeting the adorable baby; so much happens between now and the moment that a Big Reveal Room goes live . . . .

And how will we fill these shelves?! {DRUM ROLL} We are so excited to announce that we are teaming up with one of our favorite book bloggers to curate the dream catalogue of books for you! Sarah’s Book Shelves is our go-to blog for all things books, and we thought who better than Sarah to chose every book for a library?!

In just a few weeks you will see this finished room! We are super excited to get your input and make the walls what you loyal readers want the most!



P.S. As soon as the box of wallpaper samples arrived, the office cat, Cy Twombly – otherwise known as “The Village Idiot”, murdered her Red Bear on the package. That poor bear dies at least 6 times a day! Check out the ANGRY EARS! (The Village Idiot has never killed anything real in her life. She just kills the same three stuffed animals on a “loop”. The ultimate in dumbness.)

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